Apartment Complex Renters Insurance

Why should you spend your hard-earned money on renters insurance? Your landlord has to carry insurance, after all. If there is any damage to the property you rent, your personal items will be covered under your landlord’s insurance, right?

That’s where you would be wrong.

Many people are surprised to learn that the landlord is only responsible for damage to the building, not for damage caused to your personal belongings.

The cost of your personal items can add up very quickly, even if you don’t think your possessions amount to very much. Think about how much a television, a bed, and several outfits cost. Even if that is all you own, the cost of replacing these items can be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

You might be surprised to learn that renters insurance often covers more than your personal possessions. In addition to your personal belongings, some policies also cover the cost of items you have rented or borrowed, a hotel room after a disaster, medical expenses if a guest is injured, and legal costs if you are sued due to an accident in your rented home.

Think you can’t afford renters insurance? It’s typically more affordable than many people realize. Some policies cost less per month than you would spend on going out for coffee once a week. If you’re considering renters insurance, the best thing to do is to contact an agent to discuss plan options and premiums. Give yourself peace of mind by calling an agent today!